Unmatched expertise in commercial glass solutions.

Over the last 25 years, we have completed over 100 projects in New Zealand.

Our division specializing in structural glass facades and frameless glass construction has built a solid reputation for its leadership and expertise in engineering solutions, making us a formidable player in the frameless glass facade industry.

We provide a comprehensive 7-point full-service model in the specialized field of glass:

  1. Architectural Intent

    • Design assistance and 3D modeling support

  2. Overview / Offering

    • Spec review, basic engineering qualification

    • Rapid prototyping if required and machine prototyping

    • Quotation, installation methodologies and sales support

  3. Engineering

    • Full calculations undertaken and FEA modeling as required

    • Final design determined through client consultation and collaboration

  4. Drawing

    • Shop and manufacturing drawings completed

  5. Manufacturing

    • Custom castings and machining process

    • Miscellaneous and subcontract manufacture

  6. QA / Shipping

    • Material certifications

    • Testing destructive and non-destructive

    • Relevant standards qualification

    • Planning, packaging, transit

  7. Customer Support and Service

    • Installation supervision and field auditing of installation

    • Follow-up

    • Warranty

With our expertise in these areas, we strive to deliver outstanding results and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Catalina Bay glass facade

Glazed facades

Glass facades are a popular choice for architects and designers looking to create a sleek and modern look for their buildings.

Details and projects
ACC office glass partitions

Pro Wall Series

Glazed partitions and doors

Glass partitions are an ideal way to create separate spaces in a building while still allowing natural light to flow through.

Details and projects
Commercial Bay glass shopfront

Frameless windows and doors

Modern frameless glass doors and shopfronts for a variety of commercial spaces.

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Kiwibank glass balustrade installation

Pro Line series

Glazed balustrades

Custom glass balustrades that enhance the aesthetics, functionality and safety of any space.

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Deloitte Centre glass canopy

Pro Shelter

Glazed roofs and canopies

Canopies and roofs designed to withstand New Zealand's weather conditions.

Details and projects

Mirror cladding

Custom mirror solutions for a wide range of applications, from bathrooms to fitness centers and beyond.

Details and projects

Glazed pool fences and gates

Residential pool gates, fences and balustrades designed to meet New Zealand's safety regulations.

Details and projects

Matte Series

Glazed shower enclosures

Our glazed shower enclosures are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, from high-end hotels to private homes.

Details and projects